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Six Steps On How To Increase Chance Continuing to Win Online Poker Game

Online Poker games certainly have really been a hobby of online gambling enthusiasts to play, to the extent that Online Poker is the most popular among online gambling. But not a few who have been great at playing Poker Online to the point that they can always enjoy victory without loss.

What about those who are beginners or don’t have a separate strategy? of course they will be easier to defeat, if you are one of the players who do not have a strategy we will give Six Steps On How To Increase Chance Continuing to Win Online Poker Game, including:

1. Bring enough chips

Do you know the cheat codes from GTA that said “greedy is good”? Well it’s a cheat, so you won’t be a true winning with cheat, so greedy cannot be in your heart when you want to play any online poker game. We recommend that those of you who are beginners bring enough chips or not much capital to avoid big losses at the beginning of the game to the point that they can use the 6 techniques we will provide below. But there is no harm if you want to bring the chip not a little but when you enter the shirt it only uses it a little.

2. Learn your opponent’s game

After you have prepared capital to play it is time you enter the shirt to be ready to play, but hold it before you sit to play. Take a moment of your time to listen to the game of your opponents who are on the table and understand, if you already know your opponent’s game techniques, prepare a strategy to fight them when you join the table.

3. Bluffing or “BLUFFING” Strategies

After you have listened to your opponent’s game, then we have one strategy that is quite effective for you to use namely Bluffing or Bluffing strategies. Bluffing strategies are very useful for where when you hold a bad card but disguising as having a large card, raise your bet until the opponent is different FOLD. But this strategy has a fairly high risk if the enemy really holds a large card, then use this strategy according to the atmosphere.

4. Calculate Matureness

This strategy is very urgent to use when playing in Poker Online, because players who use this strategy have a greater chance of winning. Because they will really count the bets that will be issued match the cards they hold.

5. Move – Move Position

If you feel you are not lucky enough where you sit, please stand for a moment and see which seat does not often get a victory. If you have already noticed, try to sit next to the sitting location or if the seat is empty, please put it immediately, because it will be dominant with the luck you have. But we are not entirely sure of this tactic but all senior players have often used this tactic and succeeded.

6. Don’t Over-Confidence When Holding a Big Card

When someone holds a big card such as As-As, As-Queen, Jack-King, Double Queen, Double King or in the form of a pair, it is of course the most confident and ready to do All In. So this is one big mistake that creates a player feeling defeat, wait until the 5th card is issued by the dealer and make sure your card is strong then please raise your bet or ALL In.

#Patience (This additional tips is a MUST)

When the 6 techniques above you still feel defeat you will definitely be upset or emotional so that you will make more in your defeat. We recommend that you stay patient because if you stay calm and play slowly you can definitely reverse the losses that you experience.

We also have secrets that we will leak for you in the form of pictures and information about the starting hand that you hold. The following is the Picture and Explanation of the Starting Hand that you must know:

Consider the Example of the Picture above.

You can try to train your poker strategy in https://jaypoker.com where you can get a bonus new member up to 20% and also a lucky spin everyday to increase your chip. Jaypoker is the one that I always go to when I want to win big. Anyway, below are the scenario that you should consider:

When you hold a card that matches the red position, for example AQ, AA, AJ, AT (T 10) and so on, then please do ALL IN, you can’t wait to open the second one and third. ALL In is very useful for dropping the mental player holding a small card, but if you don’t like ALL IN please raise your bet.

When you hold a card that matches the yellow position is a semi card, this card has the same chance of victory and defeat. This card is very urgent to be kept until the end of the 5th card is issued which occasionally becomes a strong card.

When you hold a card that matches the blue position, your chances are small to win if you hold this card. If there are opponents working on Raise or ALL IN, please just FOLD, but if you just call, please follow until the last card comes out.

When you hold a card that matches the green position, we recommend using FOLD directly because the chance of winning for this card is very small.