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“Savannah” Trick – How to Cheat Casinos?

Game fraud is organized very often by professional players who know about casino work not by rumors – former employees or regular customers. A game that works against the casino is possible in the team, because the operation is complicated and needs to invite the employee’s attention to a different person. “Savannah” was actively used in the second half of the 1990s. The security staff in many casinos see this approach as very effective. “Savannah” is for players who make small bets and use the help of a small number of people.

Why like an unusual name
Scam “Savannah” – how to cheat casinos? Such name fraud is surprisingly accepted because the favorite dancers are organizers, professional bookies and players. The method is applied repeatedly, not a hundred times. By the way, history has only recorded one case, when the combination did not work.

Security service casinos quite quickly solve the secrets of fraud in our time, their techniques, but at that time nothing happened. As a result, players are not allowed to enter the casino, a series of wins cannot be the norm, and there is a reasonable distrust regarding the integrity of all players. The famous boy found a secret between his books after he was invited as a consultant at the casino.

What is the scheme?
This method is one variation of chip substitution. The chips of the opposite denomination are used, which creates easier life for players and the task of revealing complicated cheating. The discovery itself is an accomplished liar and genius when it is as simple to understand.

Players need to create bets, plant chips in the minimum $ 5 denomination, on the stack. The subtlety of fraud is that the chip moves not much towards the dealer, hiding a larger chip. At least rarely played by five thousand pieces. If it is possible to win, the chip does not change, if not, the player processes a large one with the grip of the hand and fingers, turning them into their own pocket.

Such manipulation casino employees do not remain unwittingly and follow requests to turn the chip over to the gambling table. The chips are back, but not large, but small ones. There is nothing to complain about, everyone knows that the top chip is worth $ 5.

The player must convince the dealer that there is nothing wrong with his actions, the postulate of the action is simple awkwardness caused by alcohol and fatigue. Playing simple, he was ruined apologizing for the city and all casino employees.

The key to success is the best preparation of all participants, before they step on the game they hone their skills, bringing them to perfection.

Once again there isn’t much psychology
Confirmation of the light mind of the player is a complete spectacle in the format of pleasure with the use of alcoholic beverages, which results in a surprise if the victory is symbolic. The dealer watched the substitution and was called by the manager, asking him to watch a video to check the client’s honesty. In not a few cases, the list does not give up anything.

The low quality of the recording, the simplicity of the method, the dexterity of the players – all of this is played in the hands of all the cheats, so it’s no surprise that they are successful in taking large amounts of casinos, taking into account casino rigorous monitoring. Today this method doesn’t work.

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