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Philosophy and Usefulness of JOKER Cards

Joker, the cynical little foolish heart of a backup player, who is only played as a rescue card or substitute card. Like a reserve player, the joker is not played as an opening player, he only goes with the flow. When around the heart, be careful, when around the shovel, become shovel.

Joker is a chameleon, somehow he can always carry out tasks from the position he occupies. Neither the task of a young soldier, nor to replace the captured king. Joker is a traitor. He could have helped the four kings in turn, when one war he would replace the king of hearts, the next war he would replace the spade warrior. He just appeared in the middle of the crowd and shouted his wish to help. He is friends with who needs it. Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, Curls. All are helped as long as they are dominating. He is not loyal to one kingdom, to one interest, but to play with one of these interests.

The Joker can carry out a coup, when one of the royal officials or his soldier is in a hidden position or in the hands of an opponent, he will push and replace the position. And help give victory. Joker lives alone. A joker did not work together with his friend in helping the kingdom he was in, they competed with each other. Sometimes there are 4 jokers that must be split evenly, sometimes only appearing 2. But they don’t appear together. They are only played as a substitute, the reserve player himself.

Using the joker will initially turn off the main duty retainer. They can only stand outside the fence and see that the grinning joker is carrying out his duty. They are sad because the joker replaces before he appears, not after he is captured, to the point that his appearance does not mean anything. It’s okay if a kingdom isn’t equipped with a joker. If the retainer is solid and strong, what makes the joker? This time the joker will be left alone outside the fence watching the kingdoms of Jumawa.

The Joker is worthless. There really is no value because there is but not important. Not worth the victory like As, or low value like 2, or elegant like King, Queen, Jack, who always traced and experienced the loss. In one kingdom losing one of 52 positions is the most meaningful for the game, meaning the value of each player. But what about the Joker? We ask several professional online player in and most of them say that there is no increase in the overall value. The advantage is that you don’t need to pay a joker. After all, it is zero. What he does is voluntary, only helps for a moment, then goes again in the next battle.

The joker’s expression is not clear, between cynical laughs, funny laughs or even cunning. He knew he was only needed when he won, he was only used as a dividend, not glimpsed when all was complete. He sometimes gets angry at that. The funny Joker, always struggling to entertain the retainer who lost his friend. He knows, his position is not eternal. He used the short time to leave an impression.

Unfortunately this impression did not work. As soon as the war was over, the whole returned to their respective units. Joker stays in the lowest pile. The Joker doesn’t cause the player to lose, he becomes an entertainer when the opponent wins. But when the opponent intends to kill the joker, he runs out.

The Joker is a symbol of solitude from the card, he doesn’t belong to anyone, nothing is fine. But when it is there, it is used as an advantage. He also symbolizes sadness that is denied. When loneliness is not his desire, but his destiny. So he laughed behind his sadness. In fact he was lonely, but no one could be his friend.

Inter joker can’t be friends. They drop each other. They keep each other’s will to be in a better substitute position. They just glanced at each other cynically. The Joker is a genius, because after all he can become a King, governing in his own style, even though it is only a false leadership, can become a soldier, who pretends to obey the leader. But a fake smile remained on his face. It can be what with a million strategies on its head.

Joker only appears when there is an opponent. Games that are carried out alone, do not require a joker. Solitaire, Freecell, is played only by one person. Loner does not need a joker.

Is it true that he is neutral, or is he a traitor attached to anyone who needs it? Need on a joker?
Joker is just the color. The black joker is just his shadow.