How to Know The Individual Dealer Cards in Blackjack – a Sharper Trick

The components of a sharper successful game are hand dexterity, deception and the skill to play on other people’s emotions, the skill to be convincing. A series of qualities like these help assess which cards are in the hands of distributors and players.

The ability to work on analysis quickly adds opportunities to win. However, there is one problem: it can be the biggest loss, which encourages us to come up with all new methods to deceive dealers, violate both casino rules and frequent criminal codes.

Spy on the second card
Card guesses in blackjack bring instant benefits – bets are created quickly, the duration of the one-use game is small. Because of this, the way to peek a new map begins to appear.

Even in the pre-war period, after permission from the authorities to open the casino, all the first masters who used the method described were present in the US. The dealer must watch the card he distributed and this is used by the scammers, choosing a convenient location for observation. The only solution around this is still using an electronic reader, which indicates the card that is now in the hands of the dealer. However, not all casinos and gaming locations have bought them – expensive favorites. Some casinos don’t see the costs as justified, which gives field scammers their jobs.

Even very prominent evasion cannot process everything by themselves, and must work in teams. One plays on the table, and the second is located in another location with the skill to examine the dealer action. Very important is the choice of a comfortable position. A team member from a distance watched the cards saved by the dealer in his hand, which is only suitable for people who have good vision.

Those who were at the table with the dealer, after receiving the signal, corrected their actions; it is OK to find information about the two first cards and the seasoned player will know what stages to do. The presence of two or more players working in the team, confused with escorting the casino. However, someone will still be lucky. Much more suspicious, if the victory was always handed over to one person.

This method works, if the dealer handles the card, whether the job is inaccurate and the fraudster watches the value of the card in his hand. It remains to chase a very comfortable place, watching at what angle, the dealer jacks up the deck. Before all fraudsters have different tasks, and one of them is looking for the right casino employee, who cannot play with the team, thanks to a low level of professionalism.

Excessive attention to the actions and hands of the dealer can cause distrust even one of those people who think very simply, in a casino or live location, such employees will not tolerate. Dividing clothes or hats or glasses to hide the direction of their eyes. I must avoid and pursue ways, correcting the body’s tendency towards the city. If a casino employee enjoys something, we will not be able to confirm suspicion. It’s okay that law enforcement officials say about the skill of scammers in their talent, used, unfortunately, for wrong destinations.

Current situation
How to understand individual dealer cards on blackjack – sharper tricks Although using technology, scammers continue to spy on cards, not limited to blackjack. So, sitting to play poker or other games, there are opportunities to be in the environment with a gun.

In addition, scammers are not left behind in the use of technology – mini-size cameras and different means that are included in their services. The prevalence of technical knowledge allows you to install the appropriate equipment yourself.

And the city remains, continues to create errors. They then continue to be a constant target of all amateur profits. Casinos or stop games that are potentially dangerous for themselves in their area or apply other actions, in particular, increase the work of the city. However, the first choice really stops the problem with a peek card.

What needs attention is the fact that peeping is not prosecuted (if the player is caught immediately in this matter, and not all data collection and data transmission schemes are disclosed, as explained above).

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