Fraud for 1005 dollars

Fraud is rarely single, for some players it is a way of life, and as a result has a solid experience in the field of fraud. A person survives for a number of years, a person has a shorter period. There are also people who are about two decades old and are more in the process of their affairs, there is no one caught. There is a proposition to say about their players’ abilities and their spectacular thoughts.

How is everything done?
Participants from the collection sit on the table at the time when the match is over and bets are paid. He created 3 bets every five dollars, then went in front of him on the chip table five hundred dollars and one five dollars. The chips were put in place so that no one noticed them, which were used by the right hand. Then, when appropriate, the rate is 1005 dollars, using 2 chips 500 and one for $ 5. The remaining chips will be used for the next hand. How to use the technique, you will talk later.

Fraudsters always struggle to sit on the right side, as far as possible from the dealer, which ensures the success of the game. He found the card first, but he had to open it first. After opening the card and finding the results, the victory is first passed to the scammer.

Meanwhile, dealers are plunged into other players, liars remain unattended, no. a casino employee cannot simultaneously focus attention on all people – it provides an opportunity to get additional times. This is the value of picking up the first position on the table.

How is the table out?
Fraud for 1005 dollars In the case of loss of being followed by departure to another table, no. It needs to indicate ourselves as ordinary players who don’t attract little attention to themselves. Expensive chips are transported away to the point that they are not noticed. The urgent part of the plan does not often hide the remaining chips.

If it is possible to win, liars start acting, after preparing 2 first chips of $ 500 and one five dollars. Preparations were made at the time while the dealer gave a $ 15 prize, handed over the customer’s chip.

When transferring the chip, when the dealer is interrupted by other players, the fraudster processes the agile and fast movements of the chip fingers. Two cheap ones hid in their pockets and were replaced with one movement by two five hundred dollars, from above covered with one dollar five dollars. Successful body slopes cover their manipulation with their fingers. It’s hands free to be used for the city’s unique attention.

Apparently, instead of the initial $ 15, he entered a different amount, and the size of the winnings was completely different. Then, the remaining large chips are opened. Their presence indicates that the client is the richest player, can go to big bets. And in his hands he had nothing, his jacket pockets hiding chopped chips.

Some psychological subtleties
Fraud for 1005 dollars, How does the bastard behave? He must touch the saw’s hand. The movement produced a surprising impression. he overtook the ethical boundaries of the game and indicated that something was happening that preceded normality.

This indicates that the player has a problem, the same starts shouting that he was cheated, and the casino wants to take money from him. Of course, casinos often win, but always strive to guard their reputation as an institution that ensures the highest level of service.

Another step is to throw the fifteen dollar chip. By dispensing from this action, the player’s balance reverses their own chip to the dealer. For problem solving, a manager or a different person responsible for completing such a situation is called. Who specifically knows the conflict – is determined according to the internal rules of the casino.

The manager witnesses a confident client who creates a big bet. The reaction to a spectacle like that is predictable, and perhaps the dealer made a mistake and the player is right, not him. It is predictable that the victory remains in the pocket of the fraudster, even though there are problems when the casino is declared as the right party in the dealer dispute.

This combination is especially successful in large casinos, which value customer opinions and recruit people with high qualifications. So they surprise the hand of the dealer, and all the remaining players, who can also suspect there is something wrong with the casino’s actions.

Why do scammers often win in disputes? Video surveillance is not at a modern level, the player’s movements are natural and sharp. It is difficult to assume the dishonesty of someone who wants to take his small victory in advance. The next element of the game that will be played is betting with a big chip or a bet of two or three hundred dollars. Casual negligence confirms the position of the client who is ready to be drained without looking back.

Chip Denomination
In many variations the chip scam is used in nominal values and 1000 and 5000 thousand and 25 and 100 dollars, replaced by chips from large denominations. Of course, it’s hard to believe, but using other chips also causes players to work on fraud to win the casino. The solution, apparently, in the combination of color, cunning and dexterity of players – the basis for success.

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