Can I fight Casino Rules?

Azino is useful as entertainment or income source? There is no unilateral opinion in the community, each has its own opinion. Some people have a dream to go to the casino and fill their desires. It is known that it is difficult to win in a casino, but there is a possibility. Some players become professionals and process the game into a source of income, other elements often come to the casino, but the willingness to make money in the game is finished with the loss of everything. The question arises: is there a difference between two sets of professional players or not?

How do they process entertainment into work?
Among casino visitors, there is superstition about luck, there is a “system of acceptance”, and at the same time, players try to use a new approach, “system”, as some of them say.

Is it possible to fight casino rules? The solution to everything is to use your mind, your skills. However, this means that some are smarter, the difference is more stupid? Not at all – only those who successfully win as much money are not spoils of fortune, but people who understand how the game will make money.

Again, the way enrichment is made falls into two categories: legal and illegal use (some method of planting people in the abyss of crime). Legitimate ways are connected by player care, well-trained memories and endurance, standing players will not do it without the best memories.

In practice, casinos are faced with people who play them fairly legitimately, without violating other casino rules. For example, which is led by a certain Mickey. He must pay tribute, because when used, the scheme he applied was not perceived as illegal. By the way, after a number of times the casino processes rules, it is not possible to use a similar scheme in the future.

Mickey struggled to memorize cards, but these efforts did not bring good results, more often than not a loss. He spent almost 12 months exploring solutions to the problem.

Computer against casino
Can I fight casino rules? The decision is to use a computer in a game. In those years (80s) they were rare, and the dimensions did not allow him to drag on in the casino. Again, the information processing speed is the smallest. To outperform casinos, they develop their own models. It took the help of a friend, and Mickey together with him to outperform a 2 million casino. The machine improves the distribution of dealer cards, and the assistant provides data to Mickey.

Despite the fact that people hid their discoveries, they found it and wanted to accuse them of working fraud. Apparently they did not violate the law and the casino must abandon efforts to reverse the money won by the computer.

Now, of course such schemes are forbidden, but there is nothing that gives people the limit to ingenuity, especially because the rules never reach perfection, they often have to process something, adjust to the way of life. Another thing is that you have to excel in originality, pursue new methods to get a win at the casino, so as not to repeat yourself, those who want to study casino history.

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