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October 11, 2004

Public Statement

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Female students demand to be heard while protesting against the fundamentalist regime in Iran Tehran’s University


Boston, MA – Last week, hundreds of female students staged a protest in Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran. The students protested against the appalling conditions of dormitories offered to female students. The female students reported lack of basic necessities including drinkable water and safety conditions.  Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) has received reports indicating complaints of unhygienic meals and lack of telephone facilities around the campus and surrounding streets in Tehran. According to one eye-witness, the fundamentalist regime quickly dispatched its anti-riot police “to bring about an atmosphere of fear and to arrest anyone who might dare to shout slogans against the regime itself”.

               Despite systemic limitations, over the past several years, female students have increasingly widened the academic superiority over their male counterparts. The fundamentalist regime in Iran considers this a “dangerous imbalance”. In 2002, female students secured 63% of university entrance. As the academic year began at the end of September, the Iranian regime pursued an agenda of implementing fear in particular for the female students. Such actions are not only classic examples of the Iranian regime’s inherent misogynistic beliefs, but also an ideological tool using fear to push women back into the homes and private sphere.

               With an overwhelming amount of dissent that is widespread throughout Iran, it is clear that the fundamentalist regime in Iran is making an utmost attempt to stifle and strangle any voice of opposition.  With the female population bearing the brunt of this burden of discrimination, it is no wonder the regime targets them specifically.  Despite the dangers of being vocal and women in Iran, the regime fails to silence their cry for freedom and equality as seen in the women’s organized protests. WFAFI calls upon the freedom loving people of the world to speak out against such violations and support women’s movement for equality, freedom and democracy in Iran.     




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