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April 6, 2010


Tehran's Fundamentalist Regime Should not have a Seat at the UN Human Rights Council

BOSTON, MA- For the past several weeks, there has been disturbing reports on Tehran's candidacy to the United Nations' Human Rights Council. The Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) is deeply concerned and finds the potential membership of Tehran's fundamentalist regime to the Council an affront to Iranian women and the people of Iran. Tehran's regime is led by perpetrators of crimes against humanity who are actively beating, torturing, raping and executing the freedom loving Iranians. They must be brought to International Criminal Court instead of candidacy for the Council. They must not be allowed to disrespect the Council's mission as a torch bearer of universal human dignity.
Tehran's regime is the world's number one per capita executioner (Amnesty International) and its membership on the Human Rights Council would amount literally to putting the fox in charge of the hen house. The upcoming new member elections process in May must not allow Iran from gaining seat on the Council. The UN General Assembly must vote against Iran's membership to the Council. Voting against Iran's membership to the Council is defending the Council's mission and legitimacy.

WFAFI calls upon all UN member states to stand up in defense of Iranian people and vote against Iran's membership to the UN Human Rights Council. WFAFI call upon freedom-loving people of the world and all human rights organizations to immediately mobilize and prevent this monstrous breach of the UN Universal Declarations of Human Rights from becoming a reality. It would be a travesty should Tehran's fundamentalist regime gain a seat on the Council. The time to act is now and we must to keep Iran out of the United Nations Human Rights Council.


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