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January 21, 2010

More Women Are Facing Execution and Stoning in Iran

BOSTON, MA- The fundamentalist regime in Tehran is hard at work with escalating and continuing arrests, torture, executions and stoning.
There are currently at least 23 men and women on death row because of their protest and opposition to the brutal regime in Tehran. According to news reports from Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan, the notorious Revolutionary Court in Tehran has sentenced a second female activist, Ms. Shirin Alan Hovi, to execution. Ms. Alan Hovi, 28, is currently in custody in the notorious Evin Prison and has been convicted of being a Mohareb (enemy of God). Ms. Alan Hovi is resident of the city of Maku in the Western Azarbaijan Province.

Tehran's is also escalating its practice of stoning to instill fear and intimidation in public. According to recent information received from Iran, both Sarymeh Ebadi, 30 and BoAli Johnfeshani, 32 are facing death by stoning in coming days. Without legal representation, the two were charged with adultery in a lower court. After their appeal, the stoning sentence was finalized and approved by a higher court in city of Orumiyeh, West Azerbaijan province. Iran's Penal Code prescribes execution by stoning for adultery charges.

Such barbaric acts will come to an end once the current regime is removed from power by the brave men and women of Iran. It is, however, upon all of us in the free world to speak out against such atrocious crimes against humanity and stand up in defense of Iranian people. Therefore, continued the policy of engagement and appeasement must end because it has only emboldened Tehran to continue with such violence and crimes against women.

The Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) calls upon the western governments, human rights organizations and the United Nations to hold Tehran responsible for its gross violations of human rights. The leaders of the Islamic Fundamentalist regime must be brought to justice for their inhumane and barbaric actions. Silence is not an option.




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