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September 2, 2009

Hundreds of Iranian Women on an Open-ended Hunger Strike Worldwide Since July 28th

BOSTON, MA- On July 28th, 2009 Iraqi security forces directed by Iraqi Prime Minister acting on behalf of Tehran's fundamentalist regime launched savage attacks on the Iranian dissidents living in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. Images of these attacks is a reminder of the brutal crackdown on the demonstrators in the streets of Iran. Particularly disturbing are the images of Iranian women of Ashraf beaten up and injured by the Iraqi police and military. There are 1000 women living at Camp Ashraf. These brave women have stood up against the most brutal totalitarian regime ruling their homeland.

In response to these attacks, an open ended hunger strike began at Camp Ashraf and 16 other cities around world. Among them are more than 100 women who just started their second month of hunger strike. Hunger strikers have vowed to continue their worldwide campaign until their demands are met. They are:
- freedom of the 36 people taken hostage by Iraqi security forces;
- exit of the Iraqi forces from the camp
- temporary take over of the protection of the camp by the U.S. forces and permanent replacement of these forces by UN monitoring bodies.

In 2004, the United States signed a binding agreement with each member of the camp who put down their arms in return for protection and security of the camp. The residents were granted the "protected persons" status under the 4th Geneva Convention. Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki who ordered the attacks on unarmed protected persons in Camp Ashraf, has committed crimes against humanity and should be brought to the International Court of Justice. He has been bowing to the demands of the Iranian regime.

Hundreds of Iranian women are on their 34th day of hunger strike in Camp Ashraf and all over the world including a large group by the White House in Washington DC. Their condition is declining fast and some have fallen very ill and have been taken to the hospital.

These women are the symbols of resistance of a nation who has stood up to say "NO" to more than 30 years of suppression by the most brutal theocracy. They have raised their voices for freedom and democracy in their homeland and no violent force could silence them. They are the antithesis to the ruling Islamic Fundamentalism in Iran.

Women's Forum against Fundamentalism in Iran calls upon all human rights organizations and women's organizations to step in and urge the US government and the United Nations Secretary General to immediately take actions in meeting the demands of the hunger strikers worldwide. WFAFI also calls upon the International Committee of the Red Cross, US Embassy in Iraq and other relevant bodies to engage the Iraqi government and demand immediate release the 36 hostages. According to the statement by USCCAR, the Iraqi court in Diala province has already issued an order to release the 36, but Iraqi Prime Minister has unlawfully prevented their release.

Such plot by Khamenei and his proxies in Iraq to silence the opposition inside and outside the country will only expedite the Iranian regime's demise. The movement for change is irreversible. Let's stand at the right side of the history with the people of Iran and against their fundamentalist oppressors.




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