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July 16, 2004

Public Statement

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Entering the 10th day of Hunger Strike, the Political Prisoners Defy the Fundamentalist Regime in Iran


Boston, MA - Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) has received reports on the on-going hunger strike by the Iranian political prisoners in ward one of the notorious Evin prison in the suburb of Tehran. According to the reports, political prisoners began their hunger strike ten days ago to protest the unjust eviction of a fellow cellmate’s family, Payam Piran, from their homes on the order of the “Revolutionary Court” in Tehran.


The Piran’s family home was ransacked and besieged by the regime’s security forces because of their refusal to renounce their son’s political activities. Their son, Payam, was arrested on the charges of carrying a camera for his fellow student during a protest. He is sentenced to a six years prison term and is barred from participating in any social activities for 10 years.


In a statement issued and smuggled out of prison, the political prisoners said: ”We are on hunger strike to protest the way Prian’s family has been treated by the regime’s security forces and we declare our solidarity with Payam.”


The fundamentalist regime of Iran has stepped up its harassment of those on hunger strike in ward one of Evin prison. These harassments include physical and verbal abuse of both prisoners and their families.


Our organization declares its solidarity with those on hunger strike in Evin prison and condemns the Iranian regime for its treatment of political prisoners and their families. WFAFI calls upon Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to issue a statement on the treatment of these political prisoners and their families.

WFAFI is concerned about the well being of the prisoners on huger strike, and calls upon the United Nations to dispatch a fact-finding mission to Evin prison as soon as possible.





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