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June 20, 2009

More women are killed during protests in Iran

BOSTON, MA-  Today, the Iranian suppressive and fundamentalist regime, killed more then 45 people in the streets of Tehran. Among them were at least four women.  Enclosed is the YouTube video of a women named Neda, who was shot to death in the streets of Tehran. This video is graphic and speaks to a different level of violence that is taking place in Iran.

In edition to Tehran, the unrest has continued in other major cities of Iran including Shiraz, Isfahan and elsewhere. WFAFI continues to receive reports of the death toll rising in Tehran and other cities.

Protesters are now saying to the regime "you can kill the revolutionaries, but you cannot kill the revolution."

Iranian women urge you to write to your representatives in Congress, President Obama and the United Nations Secretary-General and ask for strong condemnation and isolation of Iran's criminal regime. Under these circumstances and given what the world has seen this past week, Washington must immediately shift its policy focus to the issue of human rights in Iran.

From this point on any talk of engagement or dialogue with the fundamentalist regime in Tehran would be viewed as siding with the religious dictators.



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