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February 27, 2009

The Iranian Regime Reinstated the Stoning Verdict

BOSTON, MA-  A woman has been convicted of crimes against morality in Iran and is facing imminent execution by stoning. The fundamentalist regime of Iran is planning to stone Ashraf Kalhori, 37, has been in prison for 7 years. Ashraf was initially sentenced to 15 years plus stoning to death. Five years later, the stoning verdict was annulled by the Islamic Prosecutor, Shahroudi. But recently, the Commission on Clemency and Amnesty reinstated the stoning verdict.
On December 26, 2008, despite the international outcry, two men were stoned to death in the city of Mashad, Northeatern Iran. Ashraf is facing imminent stoning according to her lawyer, Shadi Sadr. The victim is guaranteed a slow, torturous death. She will be buried in the ground up to her neck. The size of the stones are not large enough to cause immediate death and are not small enough to cause no harm. Iranian regime is the only government in the world practicing stoning and public execution of women.

Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) calls upon the international community and human rights organization to fight for Ashraf and stop Tehran's regime from killing her. Iran's constitution does not offer women and young girls any protection or due process in the court. We must prevent the Islamic Fundamentalist regime in Iran from suppression and execution of its citizens. Observing human rights and respecting rule of law must be our first priority in dealing with the clerical regime. The leaders of Islamic Republic's must be brought to justice for crimes against humanity, specifically women.

The lack of a firm position by Western governments is interpreted by Tehran as the green light to further violate the rights of its citizens, particularly women. The issue of human rights in Iran is a political issue. The history of the past 30 years has shown that the human rights violations are intertwined with the ideology of the Tehran rulers. International community must support the Iranian people and their aspirations to end this regime and fight for democratic change.




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