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July 21, 2008


Nine People Convicted to Death by Stoning in Iran

BOSTON, MA- The clerical regime in Iran has convicted 9 people (eight women and one man) to the brutal and inhumane sentence of death by stoning. An Iranian rights group published the names of those who are currently at risk of being stoned to death as follows:

- Kobra Najar, 43, mother of four, who has been jailed since 1996 in Tabriz. She has also been found guilty of serving as accomplice in her husband's murder who forced her into prostitution for 12 years.

- Iran E., 33, mother of one, jailed since 2003 in Ahvaz, in western Iran. She was attacked by her husband who had caught her talking to her lover who killed the man to protect Iran.

- Shamameh Ghorbani, 34, mother of two, jailed since 2005 in Orumiyeh.

- Sisters Zohreh, 27, and Azar Kabiri, 28, each mother of one, were arrested in February 2007 after the husband of one of them presented a film showing them with six men.


-  Ashraf Kalhori, 37, mother of four, jailed in Tehran's Evin prison for six years. She is also accused of collaborating in her husband's murder.

- Kheyrieh V., 38, mother of four, jailed in Ahvaz. She has also been found guilty of helping her lover in her husband's murder. She has denied her role in the murder but confessed to an illegitimate relationship, the group said.

- Leila Q., 34, mother of three, jailed for four years in Evin prison. She is accused of adultery and being an accomplice in her husband's murder.

- Abdullah Farivar, 50, father of two, a music teacher sentenced to death for an illegitimate relationship with a student in the city of Sari in northern Iran.

The group said the convicts were mostly from illiterate and under-privileged backgrounds who were condemned to death in the absence of a reasonable legal defense. The gross violations of human rights by Tehran's fundamentalist regime and the brutal treatment of their citizens must be denounced by the international community. It is extremely appalling for a government to subject its citizens to these types of horrific and degrading conduct. The world community has a moral responsibility to stand up to this immoral behavior by the Iranian mullahs.

The Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) calls upon the western governments, human rights organizations and the United Nations to hold Tehran responsible for its gross violations of human rights. The leaders of the Islamic Fundamentalist regime must be brought to justice for their shameful actions. The world must hold every single one of these leaders accountable for systematic and brutal suppression of Iranian people. WFAFI also calls for an end to the degrading punishment of stoning by the Iranian regime.

We believe that the policy of engagement and appeasement has only emboldened the mullahs to continue with their violent suppression. The lack of decisive position by West is interpreted by Tehran as the green light to further violate the rights of its citizens. Instead, the international community must support Iranian people and their aspirations for democratic change in their country.



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