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July 8, 2004

Public Statement

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Iranís Student Movement is Calling for the Overthrow of Tehranís Fundamentalist Regime

Boston, MA- Five years ago, on this day, the Iranian regimeís paramilitary forces attacked Tehranís university dormitory in the middle of the night and violently beat and arrested hundreds of students.  This bloody attack triggered a wave of mass protests and unrest in Tehran and 22 other cities that lasted for six days. Protesters called for the resignation of Iranís president, Khatami, and the supreme leader, Khamenei.

Although the fundamentalist regime in
Iran responded with a severe crackdown, the student movement has grown bolder and is now calling for the overthrow of this regime. Through their endless demonstrations, the students in Iran have made it clear that they desire freedom.  Given Iranís young population, the children of the 1979 revolution are in the frontlines calling for the regime change referendum. On July 13, 1999, the Boston Globe appropriately characterized the uprising as an ďeruption in IranĒ.

Since then, other media outlets described it as ďan unmistakable sense of revolution has returned to
Tehran.Ē In June of 2003, the students once again took to the streets of Tehran and other cities calling for a regime change referendum.  The regime reacted with the arrest of 4000 people whose fates are still unknown.

The Womenís Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) supports the democratic aspiration of the Iranians and their struggle against Islamic fundamentalism in
Iran.  WFAFI declares its solidarity with the student movement and supports their indigenous call for regime change referendum. While condemning the Iranian regime for its on-going arrests and the killings of the courageous students, WFAFI calls upon the international community to push for the release of all political prisoners in Iran.






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