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October 23, 2005


Iran’s Fundamentalist regime steps up the Violence Against Women

BOSTON, MA- The new hard-line government in Iran has stepped up the crackdown against women in an attempt to silence any voice of dissent. Institutionalized violence against women is a daily practice in Iran. With the so called election of the terrorist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the government has stepped up suppression of women. WFAFI urges the rights advocates, women's groups and international NGO's to launch a campaign on the following cases:


October 2 – State-run daily Sharq reported that Iran’s State Supreme Court sentenced a woman to death. The woman, named Shahla, was accused of murdering the wife of Nasser Mohammad-Khani, the famous Iranian soccer player. The daily wrote that Shahla had proclaimed her innocence throughout the trial. The State Supreme Court upheld the original court’s ruling. She faces imminent execution.


October 10 – A semi-official daily reported that the senior Iranian cleric in the city of Qom, Ayatollah Nasser Makarem-Shirazi, called for death sentences to be handed down to prostitutes. “Those who try to spread prostitution, corruption, and sins in society must be dealt with”, he said. . “These people are Mofsid Fi-Alarz and must be dealt with under Islamic law”, the senior Ayatollah said. Mofsid Fi-Alarz literally means “corruptors on earth” and under Iran’s Sharia law is punishable by death.


October 15 – A state-run daily reported that a court in Iran sentenced a woman to death by stoning for adultery and an Afghan man to execution and 100 lashes on charges of murder. The woman identified as Soqra, was accused of adultery and aiding the Afghan man, in the murder of her husband. According to the daily Etemaad, Soqra maintained her innocence throughout the trial. A Tehran court sentenced Soqra to be stoned to death for adultery and she also received a 15-year jail sentence for her part in the murder. Alireza was sentenced to death for the murder and to 100 lashes for adultery.

October 18 – State-run daily Javan reported that in the Iranian capital of Tehran a woman was sentenced to execution. The woman named Raheleh, was found guilty of murdering her husband, whom she had accused of having an affair with a younger woman.  Raheleh said that she was threatened by her abusive husband each time she asked him to end his affair. Hojatoleslam Kouh Kamarei, the Islamic cleric who presided over the case, sentenced Raheleh to execution.



You can make a difference. Please take action today.


  1. Please write to Secretary of State and US Ambassador to the UN, usa@un.int urge them to take actions on these issues. 
  2. Please write to Secretary General Kofi Annan to stop the execution and stoning sentences.
  3. Please submit the information through Violence Against Women form.

4.       Please write to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch and urge them to issue a statement on the following cases and mobilize their network.





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