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June 25, 2004

Public Statement

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Tehranís Fundamentalist Regime Launched a Crackdown on Women who Flout the Strict Islamic Dress Codes During the Hot Summer Months.


Boston, MA- Recently reported by the BBC News, the crackdown on women carries a significant message for the Iranians, particularly the student movement. As usual, the targets in the hot summer months begin with forcing women to adhere to the strict Islamic dress code but it does not end there.  This news is particularly alarming because the anniversary of the crackdown on the student movement in Iran is rapidly approaching on July 9th, it is clear that the ruling fundamentalist regime intends on commemorating this period by more widespread suppression. 


From the crackdowns in July 1999 it was clear that the tactics of mass suppression of Iranís fundamentalist regime has not changed and that it would be a tenant in which everyone is a victim. It has been reported that after the conservatives won the elections last February, crackdowns have become even more widespread and that a Tehran General, Morteza Talaei has been quoted on the record as stating: "anybody caught involved in social corruption will be punished."  Specific punishments include fines, prison time, and even public floggings to further disseminate fear and intimidation. 


The Iranian regime has specifically chosen the summer months to implement its policy as it has become intolerable for women to wear the black chador in temperatures that rise to above 104įF (40 degrees Celsius). 


Womenís Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran condemns this crackdown and all other forms of violence and suppression against Iranian people.  With reports of an agenda filled with violence pitted towards women, WFAFI strongly objects this form of coercion and control over the female population and realizes the need for a democratic change in Iran.  To this end, WFAFI supports the voice of freedom and democracy from all those inside and outside of Iran who believe a womanís choice is her own. 





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