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July 20, 2005


Khamenei Inaugurates Ahmadinejad with Significant Increase in Public Hangings, Detention, and Violence

BOSTON, MA- On June 25th, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, manufactured a presidential victory for Ahmadinejad, an international terror monger of the fundamentalist regime in Tehran. Wasting no time, Khamenei launched an intense campaign to instill fear in the society, particularly among women and youth. While the fundamentalist regime has no public legitimacy, violence and terror are the only engines for control of power in Iran.


Over the past two weeks, Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran has received various reports indicating a dangerous renewal of state sponsor of violence in different cities:

On July 5, a couple was hanged in the central Iran, city of Esfahan. The wife, Roya M., 28, and the husband Mohammad M, 32, faced public lashing of 74 strokes before their execution. Reports indicate they were unconscious when executed.


On July 6, three young men were publicly hanged in the city of Mashad, northwest of Iran. While the state-run media reported the hanging as criminal punishment, UN and various NGO’s have reported on execution of dissidents in the guise of common criminals.


On July 7, a young man was publicly hanged in the town of Salmaz, northwest of Iran.


On July 10, State Security Forces gunned down a young Kurdish man and dragged his body throughout the city of Mahabad, northwest of Iran, for several hours.


On July 11, State Security Forces launched new wave of crackdown on women targeting “mal-veiled or unveiled individuals inside and outside of cars”. WFAFI has received reports on arrests of women in “shops and public places where public chastity and Islamic values are ignored”.


On July 13, a young man, accused of killing a State Security Force officer, was publicly hanged in town of Poldokhtar, western region of Iran.


On July 19, two young men, one under 18, were publicly hanged in the city of Mashad, northeast of Iran. Both faced public lashing of 220 strokes before execution. Despite repeated pleas to save the minors’ life, Islamic Tribunal of Mashad upheld the ruling according to Iran’s penal code which sanctions execution of girls as young as nine and boys as young as 15.


On August 3, 2005, Ahmadinejad will be sworn into office by Khamenei, in a ceremony to be attended by the heads of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the fundamentalist regime in Tehran. Given the last two weeks of intense violence and crackdown, the world community should make the issue of human rights a high priority with respect to Iran.


WFAFI calls upon all the freedom loving and peace seeking governments of the world to hold the fundamentalist regime of Tehran responsible for its continued atrocities and crimes. We can no longer sit on the sideline while the terror engines of mullahs are crushing women and youth of Iran.





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