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June 24, 2005

Iranian Women Want Real Change and Not Another Terrorist President

BOSTON, MA- In days leading to June 17th election, women’s call to boycott captured the attention of some candidates. Despite, their last minute and superficial attention to women’s issues, one thing is very clear to the Iranian women about this election and the run-off race: "If you win the rat race, you're still a rat."


There is a need for real change in Iran. Demands for real change was on public display during women’s protest on June 12th and again the sit-in on June 24th in front of Tehran’s University. Iranians, particularly women, have no illusions about their deep divide with the ruling theocracy.


Elections are meaningless and role of presidency represents no public legitimacy. Terms such as “moderate”, “reformer”, or “pragmatic” candidates are misnomers when it comes to elections in Iran. According to Iran’s constitution, women cannot become president. Yet, with their unyielding boycott, women have played an instrumental role in exposing the inherent incompatibility between women’s demand for equality and the nature of fundamentalist regime in Tehran.


Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) supports women’s boycott of candidates such as Rafsanjani and Ahmadinejad. Hashemi Rafsanjani who coined the male superiority in Iran’s theocracy by saying, “Men’s brain is a larger then woman” is not an agent for change. He is a wanted criminal in Germany and Belgium for his direct role in international terrorism and human rights violations. As for Mohammad Ahmadinejad, the darling of Iran’s supreme leader, Khamenei, the idea of women's equal participation in society is "negative, primitive and childish." Ahmadinejad, the former commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, is also directly responsible for arrests, execution and hanging of women in Iran.


With their boycott, Iranians, particularly women, have said no to the choice between two terrorists running for presidency. No matter who will take the office of mullah’s presidency, Khatami’s replacement doest not represent Iranian women and has no mandate to be effective due to popular boycott in the run off race. One thing is clear, theoretical leadership is seriously weakened domestically and internationally. 


WFAFI believes, Iranian women are setting the tone for real change in Iran and they are offering a roadmap for achieving a democratic change in Iran. A change that will bring equality with establishment of a secular government, while fully respecting religious believes of people. Indeed, democracy is the only road for Iranian women and their aspiration for equality and freedom.





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