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June 14, 2005

Women’s Protest Set the Tune for Real Change in Iran

Boston, MA – On Sunday June 12, 2005, Iranian women gathered without a permit, to protest the system of gender apartheid in Iran. As their sit-in grew to a large street protest against the regime, the Iranian security forces and paramilitary policemen moved to beat, arrest and identify the protesters for future harassments and persecution. Women were able to draw a large crow and take over several streets of Tehran.


In a published declaration, Iranian women outlined their demand for change insisting “democracy will not be possible in Iran unless full rights of women are recognized”. The declaration outlines that the organized women’s movement in Iran will continue:

-          Until there is a ban on forced marriages

-          Until divorced women gain equal rights for child custody

-          Until polygamy is banned and all temporary marriages, legal or illegal, is totally abolished

-          Until violence against women ends and shelters are provided for run away girls and women

-          Until there are more options available to young women in their choice of life style

-          Until there is no more self-immolation of women because of their social despair and depression

-          Until there is a social safety net for poor and economically-deprived women and girls

-          Until there is democracy and freedom established in Iran


The declaration refers to Iran’s constitution and emphasizes that “legal rights is our minimum demand”. While outlining 25 years of anti-women laws in Iran’s constitution, the declaration refers to the inherent incompatibility between women’s demand for equality and the nature of fundamentalist regime. The declaration concluded that women will continue their anti-government protests until their demands for real change in Iran are met.


Women Forum Again Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) applauds the brave women and girls of Iran who shook the misogynous system of fundamentalism in Tehran yesterday.


Just days before Iran’s unpopular presidential election, women set the tune for real change in Iran. Instead of focusing on the worthless election, women are offering a roadmap for change of the regime in Iran. Indeed, democracy is the only solution that can help Iranian women achieve true equality and freedom. WFAFI calls upon all freedom loving people of the world to come to the aid of Iranian women and echo their voice of change around the world. We urge you to ask your governments and representatives to boycott the anti-women regime in Tehran and support the women of Iran.





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