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May 23, 2005

Stop inhumane act of stoning in Iran

Boston, MA – A 25 year old woman was sentenced to death by stoning on May 17, 2005 in Tehran. The woman who has been identified by her first name, Fatemeh, allegedly strangled a 22 year old neighbor whom she had an affair with. She has been charged with one count of murder which carries the death penalty. The second charge, stoning to death sentence, was issued for the alleged affair. Fatemeh’s husband has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for assisting in the murder.


This is not the first time the fundamentalist regime of the Mullahs in Iran issues and/or carries out the savage sentence of stoning. The punishment for adultery under the article 83 of the penal code called the law of Hodoud is flogging for unmarried male and female offenders. Married offenders regardless of gender may be punished by stoning. The sentence is carried out by covering the person in a white shroud. Men are  buried up to their waist, women are buried up to their neck in the ground. The law states that if the person who is to be stoned escapes, he or she is free to go. Therefore it is easier for men to escape the punishment than for women to do so. The victim is then hit by the stones that are picked to be just the right size.  According to the Penal code of the Iranian regime, the stones should not be too large that the person dies after being hit by two of them, nor so small as to be defined as pebbles, but must cause severe injury.

Fatemeh now joins a list of 11 other women awaiting stoning and/or execution in Iran:

  1. Kobra Rahmanpour
  2. Najmeh Vosouq-Razavi - law student from Mashhad
  3. Mandana Nikkhou
  4. Shahla Jahed
  5. Faeze A. – full last name is unknown
  6. Leyla Mafi, age 19 - the mentally ill teenager who was forced to prostitution by her mother from age 8
  7. Sara - last name unknown
  8. Zahra - last name unknown
  9. Raheleh - last name unknown
  10. Tayyebeh - last name unknown
  11. Shahnaz, - last name unknown; age 35

This brutal punishment signifies one of the most serious violations of human rights by the theocratic regime ruling Iran. Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran appeals to the International community to prevent this act of cruelty from taking place. The Iranian regime must be held responsible and condemned for the gross violations of Human Rights of the Iranian people. The United States and European Union should pay attention to the crimes committed against humanity by the fundamentalist regime ruling Iran.  Iranian people will not forget and forgive those who shut their eyes and ignored their suffering under the rule of the Mullahs only to advance their economic agendas.





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