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March  8, 2005

On the Occasion of the International Women's Day,

Iranian women call for an end of Fundamentalist regime in Tehran

Boston, MA- March 8 marks the International Women's Day. On this day women around the world celebrate their political, social and economical achievements.

In Iran however, the Islamic Fundamentalist regime has deprived women of their most basic and elementary rights. Iran is the largest prison for women. The widespread women's rights abuses range from economic discrimination to political suppression. Forcing women into prostitution, sex trade and human trafficking, execution of minors, rape, torture and stoning to death all reflect the extent of atrocities committed against women by the Islamic Fundamentalist rulers of Iran. In addition to institutionalized violence against women in Iran, majority of women and young girls face domestic violence at home at the time that they still live with their parents. The father and other elder male members in the family are among the first who commit the aggression against the women and young girls.

Our active participation in the organization to defend women's rights and opposition to Islamic fundamentalism is the least we can do to end the pain and suffering of victims of violence in both private and public spheres in Iran. Violence against women, inhumane and brutal punishments such as stoning as well as complete elimination of women from the political and social arenas represent some aspects of the modus operandi of fundamentalists leading to institutionalized violence. Women's Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI) extends its solidarity to all the women of the world on the occasion of the International Women's Day. We believe that the only solution to end the suffering of women in Iran is by supporting the Iranian people and their legitimate struggle and resistance to overthrow the clerical regime and replace it with a democratic and secular government.





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