PRESS RELEASE      November 8, 2004


   Mullahs! Beware of the Radio Voice of Women Against Fundamentalism in Iran


Boston, MA – On November 6, 2004, Women’s Forum Against Fundamentalism in Iran (WFAFI), aired its first radio program, Voice of Women (VOW), across Iran at 10:30 p.m. local time. The weekly 30 minutes Farsi program intends to facilitate the political voice of the Iranian women as they struggle for equality and freedom. VOW, broadcasted on shortwave from Germany, is fully funded and produced by WFAFI members in the United States.


The first interview of VOW, featured WFAFI’s executive director, who explained: “We want to use the radio as a vehicle for voicing the Iranian women’s issues. Through this radio we want to establish a closer link with the women in Iran. We want to ensure our voice reaches them and their voice reaches us. We want to get the news from women in Iran through this radio.” She added: “With this radio our goal is to facilitate the political voice of Iranian women and make sure the world community hears that. In addition, this is one of the first radios that is produced by the women for the women of Iran…we are breaking traditions.” The Executive Director continued: “In my opinion, the Iranian women are on the forefront of the struggle for democracy in our country. If you look at the history of Iran after the revolution in the past 25 years, it has always been the women who have walked the path of struggle.” In her message to women in Iran, she said “Our work will be meaningless without your support and contacts. We are doing everything we can to be your forum and offer a platform where your issues and voices are heard loud and clear. “


As Iranian women continue their struggle for a democratic and secular government, the international community needs to recognize their voice. There are enough facts at hand to make the issue of dealing with the repressive regimes like Iran very clear for governments in the world. Let us hear and support the voice for change that is coming from Iran.




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